How an Email Made Our Day

A doctor’s life is a hectic one with hardly any time to breathe but one which requires you to be alert and on your toes all through the day and sometimes night as well! Despite all this, a case well handled, a surgery gone well, and in the case of gynaecologists, the happiness of a successful delivery, makes all the beads of perspiration vanish and smoothens the creases on the forehead.


The birth of a baby brings a smile not only on the mother’s face but also on us doctor’s. And, the smile only gets broader if we were to get an email from a patient who crossed a number of hurdles and eventually experienced the biggest joy in a woman’s life – that of holding a bundle of joy in her hands. Here’s one email that definitely made our day!


“My sincere apologies to you for not being able to send the email earlier. I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for giving me the most precious gift of my life in form of my son. I have seen other doctors also before meeting you, but the empathy, guidance and the personal care I received from you and all other staff at Blossom’s Women Clinic was simply amazing. I am extremely thankful to you for helping me through the most difficult phase of my life, encouraging me to face the challenge and finally making it a success. THANK YOU very much for all your help, support and guidance. I wish all success to you and all others in the clinic.”

Warm Regards,
Barnali Chaudhuri


We’re glad we were able to make a difference in your life, Barnali!