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Laparoscopic surgery is a special skill that every gynecologist wants to learn. With increasing patient demand, it has become a need of the hour to get well worse with this technique. In spite of a strong desire to learn, it gets difficult to travel for training courses for a long duration, leaving behind established practice or availing long leave. To add further, there are expenses of traveling, lodging & boarding in an unknown city.
Teaching surgery without going to operation theatre appeared impractical, till now. However, advances in digital technology and the facility of sharing screen for teaching purposes, availability of conducting live sessions, live chat for question answers & online meeting with many students inspired us to launch online courses on laparoscopy to cover most topics in a carefully designed manner.



While we are flooded with innumerable surgical videos for complex surgeries on media, there are just a handful of doctors who have reached this stage. To many, doing this appears impossible as they do not even understand the basics concepts as how to decide port sites, fear of injury by blind insertion of trocar, electro-surgery, tackling bleeding etc. Our teaching although on the web, it is in a classroom like, hand holding fashion. Student can have one to one interaction with the mentor. Teaching is very simplified with digital aids to convey the subject clearly.

How is this tutorial different from other online learning platforms?

Whenever someone searches a particular topic on internet, one is lost in hundreds of results & rarely gets what one is looking for. There is no mentor to solve queries in the digital world. This tutorial includes all the relevant topics required to acquire laparoscopic skills, in a crisp, time bound course. We focus less on theory and more on practical tips. We take the student from basic topics to understand the concept of gynecological endoscopic surgery with relevant laparoscopic anatomy and then from simple surgeries to complex cases. Student will be free to interact with the mentor for clarifying doubts. As there can be unforeseen presentations of a disease, we cover every possible situation which can arise for a given pathology.

What is the study material like?

We have explained the topics as the basic theory explained in a classroom like fashion and not just sharing slides, with visual examples at every step. This is followed by a practical demonstration of the same topic in a surgical video with narration.

How does one get an experience of live surgeries through an online course?

We have a large number of videos on almost every topic, which will be a part of the curriculum with detailed explanation. Each step is shown in multiple videos to explain variable techniques in different patient types. After completion of the course and clearing an exam, student can come for experience on pre-decided dates for intensive pelvi trainer training and experiencing live surgeries in a two day workshop.

What are the added advantages of this course?

Student will have free access to paid Gynae endoscopy websites through the mentor for 4 months. There are options of two days live surgical experience & telementorship for six months at heavily discounted rates for the students enrolling in this course.

Weekend Surgical Workshops

Two days live surgical experience for the students enrolling in this full course, at a later date with minimal fee.


We also offer six months of telementorship where students can communicate online with the mentor while performing surgeries.

Training Process for Online Course -

1. Enrolment of the Online Course

Student must click on register now and fill the form. Once we verify your details, we will send you the payment link through email/whatsapp.

2. Duration of the Online Course

Each class is of about 30 – 40 minutes duration. Each step has 7 lessons. There are 3 steps in the complete learning. Total: 4 Month Course.

3. Stepwise approach

Once registered, a stepwise course link would be shared on your email.

4. Validity of the Online Course

After stepwise release the student will have access to the entire course for another 4 weeks.

5. Examination

The student must clear an online exam, at the end of 4 months.

6. Certificate of Completion

A completion certificate will be issued after the clearance of the exam.

7. Live surgical experience (not included in online course)

After completing the online course and clearing the exam, one can come for two days training. This will include live surgical experience in operation theatre & extensive training on pelvi trainers with direct supervision of mentor at a nominal fee.

8. Telementorship (not included in online course)

We also offer six months of tele mentorship where student can communicate online with the mentor while performing surgeries, at special discounted rates.

For Best learning experience

  • Watch the videos on a laptop for best resolution.
  • You are advised to use headphones for clear sound.
  • After listening to the lecture, Watch the videos,then once again go back to the lectute for better grasp of the subject.
  • Any queries coming to your mind while watching video,should be noted down imediately. If you don’t find answer till the end,feel free to connect with us through comment box.
  • Use this course as a base,and you can benefit by continuing to add more knowledge through further reading & experience.

Step 1 of the Course -

  • Lesson 1. All about the endo vision system.
  • Lesson 2. Know your laparoscopy instruments & trolley setting.
  • Lesson 3. Sterilization & upkeep of laparoscopy set.
  • Lesson 4. How to apply ergonomics in laparoscopic surgical OT?
  • Lesson 5. Tips to prevent positional injuries to patients in laparoscopy OT.
  • Lesson 6. Electrosurgery & clinical application.
  • Lesson 7. What should a gynecologist know about anaesthesia in laparoscopy?

Step 2 of the Course -

  • Lesson 1. Laparoscopic anatomy, port placement & safe entry techniques. Port placement in special situations.
  • Lesson 2. How to apply ergonomics in port site selection?
  • Lesson 3.Tissue retrieval techniques
  • Lesson 4. Hemostasis – Principals & techniques.
  • Lesson 5. Laparoscopic adhesiolysis – mild to dense adhesions
  • Lesson 6. Laparoscopic ovarian drilling, Ovarian cystectomy – dermoid, endometrioma & other benign cysts
  • Lesson 7. Recording, record keeping & tips for laparoscopy practice.

Step 3 of the Course -

  • Lesson 1. Ectopic pregnancy – Tubal, caesarean scar pregnancy & others
  • Lesson 2. Tubal surgery – Fimbrioplasty, neosalpingostomy, clipping, tubo-tubal anastamosis.
  • Lesson 3. Laparoscopic suturing – in easy steps
  • Lesson 4. Laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Lesson 5. Laparoscopic myomectomy
  • Lesson 6. Troubleshooting In laparoscopy
  • Lesson 7. Avoiding & managing complications

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Excel Academy course fee Jan to May 2024 batches

For Jan batch

From 1st Nov – 30th Nov: Rs. 10,499
From 1st Dec – 20th Dec: Rs. 10,999
From 21st Dec – 31st Dec: Rs. 14,999

For March batch

Before 31st Dec: Rs. 9999
From 1st Jan – 31st Jan: Rs. 10,499
From 1st Feb – 20th Feb: Rs. 10,999
From 21st Feb – 28th Feb: Rs. 14,999

For May batch

Before 28th Feb: Rs. 9999
From 1st Mar – 31st Mar: Rs. 10,499
From 1st Apr – 20th Apr: Rs. 10,999
From 21st Apr – 30th Apr: Rs. 14,999

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How can I get further guidance after this course?

We offer the following programs. Fellowships and other Trainings programs:

Basic Gynae Endoscopy Training – 2 weeks
Advanced Gynae Endoscopy Training – 4 weeks
Diploma in Gynae Endoscopy – 3 months
Fellowship in Gynae Endoscopy – 6 months
FOGSI endoscopy training courses- Basic & Advanced