Pregnancy in the time of Corona virus

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Pregnancy in the time of Corona virus

While leading a normal life, one fine day, the whole world is caught in the grip of corona virus. Women who were planning to have a baby, those who are already pregnant & those who are about to deliver, are all utterly confused & fearful about what corona holds for them.

The question which comes to one’s mind is how is corona going to affect the pregnant woman & her unborn child. As it is a beginning of the pandemic, it is a learning time for medical fraternity also. But with the cases seen so far, all over the world there seems to be no major effect of corona virus on the pregnant woman and her unborn child.

As a precaution, you should follow government advice about social distancing, stay away from public places and avoid anyone who has symptoms suggestive of coronavirus. Follow frequent hand washing with soap & water, avoid touching your face. If the baby is moving well and there is no other high risk factor, then you postpone your hospital visits by few weeks. Those nearing term or> 34 weeks must continue their regular checkup visits to the doctor, with all due precautions.

Too much of news inputs will disturb your mind. This is the time for staying calm a7 happy. Pursue your hobbies, turn over the long forgotten albums, story books. Being pregnant you must continue to exercise & meditate atleast twice a day.

If you develop fever with dry cough, isolate yourself and contact a physician urgently. You may be  asked to undergo corona testing. It is a simple swab test being done only at government approved labs. Once detected in time, most patients are quarantined and treated by various drug combinations. So don’t worry, together we will win the battle against corona virus, very soon.