Fibroids – Better Ways To Deal With !

You just went for a routine ultrasound & there came the news of you carrying fibroids in your uterus. Don’t panic, fibroids are not an end to life. They are non cancerous growths arising from the muscle of uterus & most of them lie silently, without causing any ill effects.

Depending on their size & location, they may give rise to heavy menstrual flow, irregular menses, painful periods, difficulty in conceiving, repeated miscarriages, pregnancy complications, anaemia, heaviness in lower abdomen, etc. Fibroids are easily diagnosed on ultrasound.

This fibroid may not require urgent treatment.

This fibroid may not require urgent treatment

Various treatments options include simple reassurance to the patient, if symptoms are not many & patient is nearing menopause, as most fibroids tend to shrink after menopause.

Most large fibroids & those distorting the inner lining of the uterus will need treatment. Injections & several medicines can temporarily shrink the fibroids.

Hysteroscopy involves insertion of a narrow telescope through the vagina & removal of submucous variety of fibroids. Laparoscopy through very fine cuts, may be surgery of choice in a selected group of patients. Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopy are forms of minimally invasive procedures, which allow quick, pain free recovery, 1-2 days hospital stay & minimal blood loss. Other treatment options are embolization of uterine artery, Mrgfus.

Remember, you are not the only one living with fibroids. Leave the management to the doctor, there is more to life then worrying about fibroids.