Painful menses

Pain is an unpleasent sensation that none of us would want to expetience. Yet, many young girls have to tragically go through this month after month. This takes a toll on them not only  physically & emotionally , but also reduces their efficiency in the most productive & demanding years resulting in an overall poor quality of life.

As the age old saying goes, all women must go through some pain, let us understand what is normal & when should you start getting alarmed.

Slight pain on first or second day of menses is considered to be natural. It can be easily managed with rest, hot water bags locally & occasionally some pain killers.

You need to see a doctor when pain is of severe intensity, lasts longer or appears later in life after many years of painless menses. You may be asked to do an ultrasound & blood test, which most of the time will be normal. This will reassure you.

Sometimes there could be pelvic infections, endometriosis or ovarian cysts. A short therapy with antibiotics or hormones will help most patients, except a few who may need surgery. Minimal Access surgery (also called Keyhole or Laparoscopic Surgery) benefits such patients with very fine, small scars, minimal pain, very short hospital stay & fast recovery, with complete cure of the disease within.